F-15C Eagle Low Level

Rainbow Canyon, April/May 2014 - Military Low Flying Gallery

Military low flying Photographs captured from the California low flying area known as Rainbow Canyon, or Star Wars Canyon.
All photos taken using a Canon EOS 1D Mk IV with EF 300 f2.8L IS USM Mk 1 Lens with and without a EF 1.4x Mk II Extender.
Click on a photo to activate the link. All photographs open in a new window.

F-16D, 87-0364 F-16D (87-0364)
Copyright © VCM-Photography

F/A-18F, 166680/NA-107 F/A-18F (166680 ‘NA-107’)
Copyright © VCM-Photography

F/A-18E, 165780/XE-100 F/A-18E (165780 ‘XE-100’)
Copyright © VCM-Photography

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